Friday, February 25, 2011

Explore the ways to get better grades

Explore the ways to get better grades: "

In order toexcel in your school studies, the very first step is to realize the differencebetween studying and learning. Learning is a natural mental activity that makesyou to get familiar with certain ideas and theory and their practical usage. Itis quite different from the study process which doesn't involve any activemental process rather it requires you to rote memorize things as they arementioned in the course books.
Rote memorizing is not the right approach to learn things andideas. If you really want to attain knowledge about a subject, your approachtowards learning needs to be holistic. You need to increase your ability tointerlink the ideas of various study material and to practice it in your mindso that the ideas, facts and theory may naturally get imprinted on your mind.By doing so, you will not only be able to get better grades at school, butalso, you will be able to make better and practical usage of your education.
There are many e-books available that will provide you varioustechniques to memorize things, lists, theories, and a lot more. Yet, none ofsuch books actually make you familiar with the means of learning. They try tohelp you in increasing your ability to memorize things without actuallyunderstanding them. Such strategies often fail to help you get better grades inschool examinations. This is so because when you try to memorize ideas andtheory without understanding them and making them your own ideas, you willremain prone to forget them or to commit mistake while copying the things thatyou stored in your memory. The learning process has nothing to do withmemorizing things. In order to attain better grades at school you should try tolearn more study less.
How to learn to get better grades
The correct way of learning is to break the study material ininto easily understandable and practical partitions. Once you do so, you willbe able to visualize the interlinking between the whole study materials. As youwill start understanding the initial bits of your course, you will increaseyour potential to learn further with the help of the familiarity of the ideasof the study material. There is a good e-book that offers some of the bestpossible learning strategies to teach you how to learn more and study less togain success. Please visit the website toknow about the better ways to learn more and get better grades.


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