Friday, February 25, 2011

How To Be A Predictably Successful Entrepreneur

How To Be A Predictably Successful Entrepreneur: "

How To Be A Predictably Successful Entrepreneur

One of thequestions I get asked frequently when I speak to groups of entrepreneurs is'Sue, how can I make sure that my business succeeds?' It's a risk toopen a business. We are putting our life's energy and our money on the table,saying 'I can take my life's remaining days and my money, and I can createsomething that serves others and makes a profit.' That is a bold statementto make. Most of us are raised to avoid unnecessary risk, so taking our life'sprecious energy and our money and putting them out there feels uncertain. Wenaturally want to hedge our bet if we can. We want a way to make sure that wearen't going to waste those two precious resources, time and money.
That's why I get'the question' pretty often. And here's the truth. Believe it or not,you absolutely can have predictable success in your business. You do that bytaking a vow that you will work on three things with your utmost commitment.So, you stand in front of the mirror and look yourself in the face and say'I will work on the three musts for my business with total commitment andfearlessness. I will be completely open to change, because not changing hurtsmy moving forward, even though I might be uncomfortable or scared. I affirm andbelieve that having predictable success means personal growth and marketing mybusiness every much as it means coming up with a great business idea. I will dothis with all my heart and smarts. Therefore, my business already haspredictable success.'
If you stand infront of your mirror and make this vow, you can stop worrying about success andstart working toward success. Taking the vow saves you tons of energy that youcan now put toward your predictable success. That part of your mind and psychethat is prone to doubt and fear will have to take a seat way in the back ofyou, because you have now committed your energy and financial resources to thethree things that predict your success. Did you hear yourself vowing in frontof your mirror that you would commit to doubt and fear? I don't think so! Here'swhat you committed to:
1. Personal growthdespite feeling uncomfortable or scared.
2. Marketing yourbusiness methodically and consistently.
3. Having a greatbusiness idea.
When you vow tohave predictable success by commiting to those three things, you automaticallyshift your mindset and your energy toward forward movement, toward makingthings happen that have never happened to you before, toward the magic ofmanifesting your success. Take a few seconds and feel that surge of energy.Look at yourself in the mirror, and notice that you are standing tall and yourcolor is a little rosier. Notice that your feet feel firmly grounded. Yourfirst step is taking your vow. The second step that you take toward predictablesuccess is to remind yourself of your vow every day. This is easy to do. Say italoud to yourself each day, and watch in the mirror as your shouldersstraighten and your energy steams up.
Each of your threecommitments has established step, things that you now will do to fulfill yourcommitment. For now, you've made a firm and serious begining. Welcome topredictable success!


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